The Bespoke Panther Candle range created by Designer Lena Kasparian.

3 original scents made from her very own fragrances which were originally created by a perfumery in Germany. Each perfume was created with unique notes to make them stand out. Lena Kasparian her self tested and created these perfumes, with her distinct taste and style she knew exactly what she wanted, After a year in the process the visionary came up with 3 bespoke fragrances.

NO. 1 is a more feminine rich perfume with notes such as Ylang Ylang, Cherry blossom and Patchouli

NO. 2 is a masculine perfume created with notes of Cedar wood, Tobacco and Musk. 

NO. 3 is a fresh fruity variation with tones of Apple, Ocean aqua and Coconut.

The perfumes were then converted to oils for the candles, using natural organic soy wax, and so the candles came to life. Manufactured in Australia, the black label candles don the elegant logo of the Panther in simple black gloss jars.

Each candles burns for upto 40hrs at $40 each.

They are available to purchase in boutique and on line.

Stockist listed on website.


Made in Australia.

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