When it comes to style and fashion Lena is an expert!

With ease she glides across a department store and scans with her laser beam eyes what she is looking for and comes to a stop when she finds it. Her talent is effortless she knows from spending a short time talking with her client what they require with a sense of character and personality  each individual  new look comes to life.

Here are some testimonials from clients and customers.


"Lena Kasparian took me out shopping  for some styling and it was a fantastic experience. Lena knew immediately where to go, the style I needed, the clothes, colour, finishes, fabrics. In one hour I had three new looks, right on brief for what I need, I felt positive about my appearance and while these were not clothes I would choose for myself, I felt comfortable and confident. Sometime's it's good to get style help from another person, especially one as experienced as Ms Kasparian - we might think we do but we don't really know what looks good on us! And its good to receive some encouragement to try something new. I'm sure I will look great at my next presentation and I'm really grateful for Lena's help and positivity. Now I can walk the walk and talk the talk! Can really recommend Lena as a stylist, who will provide cool, unique looks for men. And, you will have fun doing it!”

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