History is in the making with this new pandemic that has stricken the Globe. It has been a tough year so far, while we have all been in lockdown, trying to keep our selves entertained in these unforeseen events. This drama is playing out as Covid-19. We all know that pandemics start at a moment in time without a warning, proceed then resolve and come to a halt after it has exhausted its victims. Given what historians have learned about past epidemics, it’s hard not to be jaded. This particular coronavirus may be a new model, but we have seen it all before. So in this time of quarantine and involuntary isolation we sit and wait while we fight this silent war.


But what is a fashion designer to do? Being a creative person by nature and a workaholic I wanted to do something fun as I have been nothing more than a domestic goddess these past few months, with repetitive tasks and chores such as cooking, cleaning, gardening, washing the car and taking the trash out on bin day, which i forget to do sometime as I have lost track of the days. It has been absolutely mundane. What is a girl to do with all these gorgeous gowns and no where to go? We can all admit we have been trending the good old pj’s and not even bothering to brush our teeth most days.


Home schooling and netflix have been the highlight and the notorious task for most, although I can do without the school work. My favourite series on netflix was Hollywood I literally watched it all in one night. Set in the 50’s an era which was the epiphany of fashion for me. After I finished watching the show at 2am it gave me an idea to do a photoshoot! Why not I have a studio full of gowns. I called my friend hair and makeup artist and a photographer I worked with once before, shared my idea with them and they were ecstatic to get back in the game and have little fun in isolation.

The idea was to create images of a women who is dressed to the nines but doing the never ending housework. The contrast of the photographs speak volumes.

This blog goes out to all the REAL housewives out there hustling and grinding and doing it all and still being fabulous. You don’t have to be rich to feel glamorous you don’t have to be on a reality show to be a diva! So put on your favourite dress slip on some lipstick and play your groovy tracks and dance through the never ending house work.

We are all domestic Goddesses.


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